Dina Roshdi Omar Hamadah

Dina Roshdi Omar Hamadah

Date of birth 04 Jun 1998
Date of death 27 Jul 2014

Location Gaza

16-year-old Dina from Dowar Heidar in Gaza was described as an energetic, active, joyful, positive, and humorous young girl. She was in eleventh class and was looking forward to her future. She loved drawing. She was the only child in her family for a long time, so she was very spoiled. Even after her parents had five brothers, she was still being spoiled by her parents. She was her mother's friend and used to help her around the house.  

“It was a hard time, full of fear and anxiety. The radio was always turned on. She was sitting with her mother drinking coffee when a drone targeted them inside their house. Both were killed instantly,” said her father.

“The younger children miss her a lot. When she used to get angry or sad, I used to bring her roses, chocolate, and tell her sweet words. I bought her a present on her birthday,” her father added.