Hussam Abdel Ghani Yassen

Hussam Abdel Ghani Yassen

Date of birth 24 Nov 1996
Date of death 26 Jul 2014

Location Gaza

17-year-old Hussam from Gaza was a polite and generous boy. He helped the poor people living in his neighborhood whenever he could. He liked playing football in his spare time. He hoped to study journalism in university but he did not manage to get the grades that he needed for the major. So he decided to study law instead.

At approximately 1:45 am on 26 July 2014, an Israeli drone fired a missile that targeted his home. Hussam and his uncles immediatly started evacuating their house when Israeli warplanes targeted them. Hussam and his 53-year-old grandfather were both killed in the attack.

“Time goes by painfully, especially, when I see Hussam’s bedroom, clothes, cellphone, and pictures,” says his mother.