Hussein Sufian Al Jammal

Hussein Sufian Al Jammal

Date of birth 22 Nov 2004
Date of death 20 Jul 2014

Location Gaza

9-year-old Hussein from Gaza struggled with hypertension, which made him very close to his mother. He liked playing around on the computer. His father even taught him to use photoshop right before Hussein died.

On 20 July 2014, amid a rise in Israeli attacks against residential houses, the Al Jammal family decided to evacuate their neighborhood. It did not take the family a lot of time before they got separated from each other in the smoke and the chaos of the attacks. Hussein and his father ran into an ambulance that was in the area. Right after they got in, Israeli warplanes attacked the ambulance. Hussein died instantly and his father was injured. Hussein’s uncle Shaker, 47, and his daughter Marah, 11, were also killed.

“We really miss him, especially during meal times when the whole family gathers around the table and one of us is not there. I can’t find words to describe how awful the Israeli attacks against children and ambulances are. Hussein is my son. I really wanted to see him grow up. After his death we are just bodies without souls,” Hussein’s father said.