Jihad Issam Shuheibar

Jihad Issam Shuheibar

Date of birth 01 Sep 2003
Date of death 17 Jul 2014

Location Gaza

10-year-old Jihad Issam Shuheibar from Gaza was a quiet boy. He liked football and playing computer games. He suffered from a severe case of asthma which affected his health. He spent most of his time with his cousins.

On 17 July 2014, when Jihad and his 9-year-old cousins Afnan and Waseem were feeding pigeons on the rooftop of their house, an Israeli warplane launched a missile at them. All three children were killed instantly and their bodies were scattered.

“Jihad’s father now suffers from severe memory loss. He always forgets things,” said Jihad’s aunt.