Marah Shaker Ahmed Al Jamal

Marah Shaker Ahmed Al Jamal

Date of birth 17 Dec 2003
Date of death 20 Jul 2014

Location Gaza

10-year-old Marah from Al Shejaeiah in Gaza City was a sociable and smart girl. She liked to watch the Toyor Al Jannah children’s channel so she could sing and dance along to the songs that were broadcasted. She was going to start fifth grade soon and was an outstanding student. She liked drawing. She combed her own hair.

Her parents were visiting doctors very frequently. She would always tell them that her ambition was to be a doctor so she could provide free medical care for them both. She would only say this to tease them.

On 20 July 2014, the family’s house was bombarded by three Israeli missiles while they were inside. “I witnessed the killing of my husband, Marah and others. After we lost Marah and her father, we live like orphans,” her mother said.