Marwa Salman Al Sersawi

Marwa Salman Al Sersawi

Date of birth 05 Mar 2001
Date of death 20 Jul 2014

Location Gaza

13-year-old Marwa from Gaza City was a very calm girl. She liked to play with her toys and she took care of other children. She dreamed of being a TV broadcaster for children’s programs. She helped her mother around the house and prepared coffee for her father. She ate very little food so that her siblings could eat more food.

On 20 July 2014, at 7:00 am, when more than 100 people were hiding in her house, the house was bombarded by the Israeli forces. Everyone immediately evacuated the house. Marwa sustained shrapnel injuries to the head and died instantly. Her father covered her with a blanket and carried her. A nearby house was bombarded too.

“I always remember Marwa. I used to have a nervous breakdown whenever I thought of her, but now I can’t even cry,” her mother said.