Abdullah Mohamed Ahmed Kawaree

Abdullah Mohamed Ahmed Kawaree

Date of birth 07 Jan 1997
Date of death 08 Jul 2014

Location Khan Younis

17-year-old Abdullah Mohamed Ahmed Kawaree from Khan Younis loved playing football and making and flying kites. “He was very close to me and liked to make my coffee every morning,” said his father.

A day before Abdullah was killed; he managed to persuade his father to buy him a mobile phone. He had wanted one for a really long time. His father promised to buy it for him as soon as the Israeli military bombardment ended. He never got to play with the mobile phone that he’d wanted for so long.

On 7 August 2014, Abdullah, along with other children, went to Mahdi Kwaree’s house to act as human shields in an attempt to prevent Israeli forces from targeting the home. The Israeli forces targeted the house. Abdullah was killed along with eight other people. Twenty-five people were injured.