Ali Saqer Abu Tawila

Date of birth 01 Mar 1998
Date of death 18 Jul 2014

Location Gaza

Sexteen-year-old Ali from Gaza City was a very calm, shy and responsible child. He was very close to his sister who had been taking care of him since his mother's death. “I raised him from when he was a child, after our mother died,” said his sister Majedah who is 36. Ali liked to play football with his friends. They have not played since Ali was killed. His sister hoped to seehim graduate from university. Ali wanted to work in painting and decorating.

At approximately 5:00 on 18 July 214, tens of Ali’s neighbors gathered in his house seeking shelter. An Israeli shell directly targeted the house without prior warning. Ali and his brother Rani, 31, were instantly killed. Tens of others were seriously injured.