Aya Sami Anwar Al Ramlawy

Date of birth 16 Feb 2005
Date of death 29 Jul 2014

Location Khan Younis

Aya from Khan Younis was the first child in her family. She was a clever and intelligent girl which is why she was on top of her class. She had many certificates of appreciation and was a member of her school's Band Scouts.

Her hobbies include drawing and painting. She would always imitate her father’s way of painting. “Her ambition was to be a doctor, but her mother was hoping that she would be a lawyer because she was a very good speaker and a very persuasive person,” said her father.

9-year-old Aya was killed on 29 July 2014 when the Al Dali building which was adjacent to her house was targeted by Israeli warplanes. Her mother took her to the bathroom, and as soon as her mother left the room, the bombardment took place. Aya was killed and the house was destroyed. A number of family members were injured.