Bara’a Mohamed Husni Sulaiman

Date of birth 02 Jan 2008
Date of death 30 Jul 2014

Location North

6-year-old Bara’a from Jabalia town in the North of the Gaza Strip had blonde hair and green eyes. Bara’a liked to play ball with other children. He had many toy cars and planes. “I raised my brothers because our mother was too busy. I remember once we prepared a surprise party for our parents on their wedding anniversary.",  said his sister Sabah, 12.

“During the war, our family was forcibly displaced to my grandfather's house in Jabalia. On 30th July 2014, an Israeli missile hit near our house. It was thought to be a warning missile. While everyone started to evacuate, my mother was directly targeted by an Israeli shell. 6 people were immediately killed including Bara’a”, Sabah said.