Hani Sulaiman Mohamed Al Najjar

Date of birth 14 Mar 2007
Date of death 26 Jul 2014

Location Khan Younis

Hani was a special and clever child. He was very diligent and performed all his prayers at the mosque. He was very sympathetic towards his father who was getting old. He always obeyed him and was always around to help him. Hani did not like to ride bicycles and did not like toys.

On Saturday 26 July 2014 at around 2:50 am Israeli forces dropped a bomb on Hani's house. Hani was one of the people many  who got killed. He was only 7-years-old. One of his teachers called his father to ask about Hani’s absence from school. When Hani’s father told him that Hani was killed, the teacher cried. He said that Hani was an intelligent and distinct student. The teacher also said that he was ambitious, he hoped to be a doctor one day so he could help sick people.