Mahmoud Maher Nemer Hassan

Date of birth 17 Jun 2000
Date of death 07 Aug 2014

Location Gaza

Fourteen-year-old Mahmoud from Gaza City was a very obedient and kind child. He had a strong personality. He loved playing video games and mobile phone games. He was good at repairing bicycles. He worked in a welding workshop and was getting paid 20 NIS every day. His ambition was to have his own workshop in the future.

On 25 July 2014, when an explosion took place near Mahmoud, he stepped forward as a volunteer to guide the ambulances to the area of attack. While escorting the ambulances, he was targeted by an Israeli drone. He was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital. Mahmoud was then transferred to a hospital in Egypt to get better medical care. He died from his injuries after fourteen days.

 “I remember Mahmoud all the time. His little brother Ahmed (3) sleeps in Mahmoud’s place hugging his picture. His father is still keeping Mahmoud’s bicycles,” his mother said.