Mohamed Mohamed Abu Shamala

Date of birth 16 Oct 2006
Date of death 29 Jul 2014

Location Der Elbalah

Mohamed Mohamed Abu Shamala from Al Buriej was a very quiet and smart little boy. He liked to watch cartoons, play computer games and fly kites. One of his last requests was to have a groom’s suit to dress up in.

When the Israeli bombardment of the neighborhood escalated, the Abu Shamala left their home in search of safety. They evacuated to Mohamed’s uncle’s place in Al Bureij refugee camp. On 29 July 2014, when they were in the basement of the house sheltering from the bombardment, the house took a direct hit from Israeli forces. The house collapsed on them. Mohamed was buried in the rubble and was dead by the time he was found. He was 7 years old.

Two days before the attack Mohamed had said that he wanted to go to heaven to see his grandmother who had passed away.