Mohamed Omar Salama Dhair

Date of birth 18 Jul 2004
Date of death 19 Jul 2014

Location Rafah

Mohamed was from the Msabeh area of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip. He had a very beautiful tone to his voice, especially when reciting the Quran. He had been honoured by his community for having memorized 28 chapters of the Qu'ran.  He was also reknowned for being an excellent public speaker. Mohamed loved his father very much. They were very close. “He also used to spend most of his time with his cousins, Mohamed and Salama, playing football,” said his father, Sheikh Mohamed Dhair, who survied the attack that killed Mohamed. 

At approximately 4:29 am on 19 July 2014 a missile hit the Dhair family's home. During the evacuation, just when seven people had stepped out of the main door of the house with the rest of the group close behind, a second missile hit the house, completely distroying the three-story structure. 20 people were killed, including Mohamed. He was 10 years old.

“Honestly, I miss them all so much. I feel that life after them is worth nothing," continued Sheikh Mohamed Dhair.