Mohamed Wael Abdel Rahman Al-Khudari

Date of birth 14 May 1998
Date of death 24 Aug 2014

Location Gaza

Sixteen-year-old Mohamed from Gaza City was a kind and obedient child. He had a strong personality and never got scared. He helped his mother around the house. His family said that his hobbies were singing at wedding parties and drawing. He was an outstanding student. His ambition was to travel abroad to get a decent job. “Once he saw an old man in the street who needed to cross the road. Mohamed went to help him,” said his grandmother.

On 24 August 2014 when Mohamed was standing on the balcony of his house, eating a piece of chocolate, a bombardment by Israeli warplanes began. Shrapnel from a missile hit Mohamed and he started to bleed heavily. He died of his wounds. “His younger brother wakes up screaming, telling us that he has dreamt of his brother Mohamed,” said his grandmother.