Mo'men Omar Salama Dohair

Mo'men Omar Salama Dohair

Date of birth 27 Dec 2005
Date of death 19 Jul 2014

Location Rafah

Eight-year-old Mo'men from the Msabeh area in Rafah, located in the south of the Gaza Strip, was a very active, energetic, joyful and sometimes naughty child. He was an excellent student.   He loved his uncle, Mousa. “It was like his uncle loved him more than his own sons. He cried a lot after his death,” said another uncle named Mohamed.

At approximately 4:29 am on 29 July 2014 an Israeli drone launched a missile at the Dhair family's house. During the evacuation, when seven people had just stepped out of the main door of the house and the rest of the group was close behind, a second missile hit the house. The three-storey house was completely destroyed. Twenty persons were killed, including

Mo'men. Three were injured.