Mo'tasem Mustafa Zo'rob

Mo'tasem Mustafa Zo'rob

Date of birth 15 Sep 2011
Date of death 02 Aug 2014

Location Rafah

Despite his young age, two-year-old Mo'tasem from Tal Al Sultan, Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip was very brave. He liked to spend long hours playing with his brothers. “I was very afraid of losing my family, so I attempted to move everyone to Egypt,” Mo’tasem’s father said.

During Israel’s military bombardment, Mo'tasem's mother moved, along with her children, to her father's house. When a humanitarian truce was declared, she decided to visit her sister before returning to their house. During the agreed ceasefire, Israeli forces attacked her sister’s house with war planes. The house was completely destroyed and 17 people were killed, including Mo’tasem.  

“I have not gone and I will never return to my house without my family there,” his father added.