Mo'taz Ameen Al-Baz

Mo'taz Ameen Al-Baz

Date of birth 22 Dec 1997
Date of death 30 Jul 2014

Location Der Elbalah

16-year-old Mo'taz Ameen Al-Baz from Deir Al Balah was a well-behaved and respectful boy. He was immediately liked by those who met him. He used to help his father with his work. Mo’taz’s favorite sport was Kung Fu.

On 20 July 2014, Mo’taz was visiting his friends in the eastern part of Deir Al Balah when an Israeli drone targeted them.  He sustained serious head injuries and burns to his face. He spent ten days in the hospital throughout which he was unconscious. His family was waiting for a referral to take him out of Gaza for advanced treatment but he died before a crossing permit was issued.

Mo'taz's friends said he started to be interested into politics and might have become affiliated with political groups in Gaza before he was killed.