Mustafa Nabil Mahroos Siam

Mustafa Nabil Mahroos Siam

Date of birth 02 Jul 2005
Date of death 21 Jul 2014

Location Rafah

Nine-year-old Mustafa from Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip was a very active and energetic child. Mustafa used sign language and communicated well with those around him. He liked to ride bicycles. He was the dearest of children to his grandfather. 

The Siam family house was located adjacent to the Abu Sneimah home that was bombarded by Israeli missiles. The Siam family decided to evacuate. As soon as they went out to the street, they were hit by a missile. Ten people were killed instantly, including Mustafa. Many others were wounded.

“It’s so hard losing the family all at once,” added his grandfather Mahrous.