Nabil Hasan Mohammed Al Najjar

Date of birth 01 Oct 1996
Date of death 02 Aug 2014

Location Khan Younis

17-year-old Nabil Hasan Al Najjar from Khan Younis was said to be merciful and kind. He liked to go to his grandmother’s and help her around the house. “He had some canary birds, a few days before he died he released them,” his grandmother said.

During the war, Nabil’s family fled their home in Khuza’a and went to UNRWA schools for shelter. When Israel announced truce, Nabil wanted to check on his family's house. He asked his mother to go with him but his mother refused. So he went alone to the house without telling his mother. When he got there, he found his home completely destroyed.

On 2 August 2014, an Israeli warplane attacked a car that was travelling near the entrance of Khuza’a. Nabil, who was close by, died immediately.