Najeiah Jehad Mahmoud Al Helo

Najeiah Jehad Mahmoud Al Helo

Date of birth 13 May 1999
Date of death 20 Jul 2014

Location Gaza

Fifteen-year-old  Najeiah from Gaza city was named after her grandmother. She had a strong and daring personality. She liked children and used to play with them. She liked to go to the mosque to pray. She liked writing. Her ambition was to join university because she was an outstanding student at school.

She was very close to her sister and they were good friends. “She was happy because she was moving to a new school; she had bought the new school uniform,” said her sister Sahar who is 32.

On 20 July 2014, there was a random and intense Israeli bombardment. The three-story house was targeted by Israeli warplanes. Eleven people were killed, including Najeiah; their bodies were recovered only after eight days.