Razan Tawfiq Abu Jame’e

Date of birth 29 Mar 2000
Date of death 20 Jul 2014

Location Khan Younis

14-year-old Razan from Khan Younis in the south of the Gaza Strip was supposed to start ninth grade before she died.  She was a tall, smart and active girl. “I’ve never seen a child as energetic and active as Razan,” one of her teachers said. She also helped her mother a lot. “She was always either smiling or laughing, just like her mother. I built her a nice room before she died, with a computer and everything else that she could need,” said her father. 

On 20 July 2014, just before sunset, the Abu Jamee’s three-story house was bombarded with missiles. There was no prior warning given. “It was a real massacre; 26 people were killed. 3 people were injured but thankfully they survived,” said her father.