Samar Yaser Khader Al Qassas

Date of birth 23 Jun 2011
Date of death 21 Jul 2014

Location Gaza

Three-year-old Samar from Gaza City was a calm child. She liked to play with her toys. She had just started to speak well. She was jealous of her siblings. She would take a pencil and a notebook and draw. "She was very close to her mother," said her father Yaser (40).

On 21 July 2014, the Al-Qas'sas family relocated to the ground floor of their house thinking it would be safer. While women in the family were preparing food in the afternoon, they were targeted by Israeli forces. The missiles struck the house without prior warning. Nine people were killed on the spot, including Samar. Many others were seriously injured. The family’s bodies were found scattered around.