Waleed Said Nasr Al-E'jel

Date of birth 07 Mar 2007
Date of death 25 Jul 2014

Location Gaza

Seven-year-old Waleed from Gaza City was an ambitious and curious child. His hobbies were singing, flying kits, and playing football. His ambition was to be a doctor. He was very sociable and liked to visit his relatives. “He was not scared during the war and he followed the latest news,” said his mother.

Waleed's family relocated to a flat in Tal AlHawaduring the war. On 25 July 2014 when the family left the flat to retrieve some belongings from their house an Israeli sniper shot Waleed and he was instantly killed. "I could not find anybody to help my son. I miss him all the time," said his mother.

Waleed’ssiblings said their mother won’t let them go out. “We don’t want to die like Waleed.”