Yousif Abdullah Nasser Hussein Kullab

Yousif Abdullah Nasser Hussein Kullab

Date of birth 12 Jan 1999
Date of death 21 Aug 2014

Location Rafah

Yousif, from Tal Al Sultan, Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip was a responsible child who worked in a car repair workshop after school. He hoped to have his own workshop in the future. He spent time playing computer games and football with his friends. He had a strong personality.

On 21 August 2014, eleven Israeli missiles struck Nasser Kullab's house, their neighbor. The house was completely destroyed and the nearby houses were seriously damaged. Twelve people,  including Yousif, his father and his brothers were killed in the attack. Yousif was 15 when he was killed with his siblings.

 “It’s so hard to lose four people from your family at once. I keep feeling like they will come back soon,” says the surviving sister.